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We are a team of professionals with a single goal towards health and fitness. We offer a varied kinds of services to regain You and YourSELF. We work towards mind body fitness and health. Physical and mental health are two important criteria to sustain a good run.

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Aarogreen takes care of your mind and body health. Explore yourself a new strategy to develop your inner strength. Know yourself better and we shall teach you techniques for self-care and self-healing.


Physical therapy is a primary care specialty in healthcare that, by using mechanical force and movements ...

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Aquatherapy / Aqua Gym

Exercises under water and with chest deep water.The natural resistance from the water and buoyancy creates a ...

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Fitness Training

Fitness should be the initial phase of any health care methodology. We offer a complete plan which renders the best ...

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Corporate Wellness

The wealth of a business is best found on a health of its workers...

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Arog Schools

Fitness is a Habit not a Hobby. Health should be both Mental and Physical Health. Training both Mind and body as ...

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Paddle For Future

We form a team with him to conserve Lakes in and around Chennai and also have conducted school programs to facilitate...

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Physiotherapist in Medavakkam

Physiotherapist in MedavakkamIn this modern day and age fitness and a healthy lifestyle is the mantra. Everyone wants to have a toned and a healthy body. It is an amazing mindset but what will happen when you need expert treatment related to your physical injuries? That is where we come into play. AaroGreen Physiotherapy and Fitness Solutions has all the answers for your questions. Basically physiotherapy refers to the physical therapy required to overcome the injuries. It is one of the most used allied form of treatment that uses mechanical force, movements, exercise therapy, manual therapy, acupuncture, and electrotherapy. We provide our services in various regions in Chennai and we are the leading Physiotherapist in Medavakkam.

The need of physiotherapy has gone up ever since the mindset of the people has shifted over fitness. Day to day fitness regime and rigorous workouts strengthens your body at the same time your body needs clinical amount of time to rest and respire. One wrong of ineffective movement can cause sprain, muscle tear or dislocation of your bones. Such rigorous workouts must always be practiced under the supervision of trained professional. The services consists of physiotherapy, aquatherapy or aqua gym, fitness training, corporate wellness, Arog schools, this service provides a health examination for a school or any other institute and we guide them to attain and lead and healthy and fit life and lastly paddle for future which is a geological initiative by Mr.Kumaran Mahalingam where we acquire a team with his most respected self and conserve lakes and rivers all over Chennai and we have conducted several workshops for spreading this initiative. This deals, with standup paddling, SUP yoga, lake clean up and other educational programs. Such service makes us the best Physiotherapist in Medavakkam.

We hone the most talented and experienced team of professionals consisting of Dr.R.Vigneshwaran, Dr.V.Jananie, Mr.Santosh Raja, Mr.Mammallan, Shobha Mahesh, Mr.Ventakesan, Mr.Balaji, Monisha, Mr.Naresh Krishnan and Mr.Kumaran Mahalingam. These skillful practitioners are grouped into fitness trainers, zumba instructor, dietician and yoga instructor. There are several aspects that are required to have a fit life like proper nutrition, proper fitness regime and scheduled time for body rest but the most important virtue is to believe and be confident enough to accept and adapt to these changes that reforms your body and mind and you come out to be a very productive human being. All the motivation and guidance required will be offered by are experienced team whose only objective is to serve you and at the end of the day all our hard work and your love and support has made us the best Physiotherapist in Medavakkam.

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